Cosmetic Dentistry

Get that beautiful smile that you deserve with our cosmetic dentistry services! Learn about what we offer and how your teeth can benefit

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of dentistry that focuses on treatment and procedures to improve the appearance of teeth. In some cases, cosmetic treatments can also be restorative.

Ozone dentistry

Mercury detox

Ceramic/Zirconian implants

Teeth whitening

Tooth-colored crowns

Tooth-colored fillings

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The doctors of La Quinta Dentistry specialize in the prevention and the treatment of issues related to periodontal disease and dental implants.

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Whether you have endured an injury or an oral disease, our experts are here to greatly improve the functionality and appearance of your teeth through our prosthodontic services.

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Oral Surgery

You can feel calm during your oral surgery because our friendly staff expert dentists are here to walk you through every step of the way.

oral surgery

Dr. Hearne is excellent in all forms of oral surgery. We do our best to make all of our patients feel comfortable before, during and after your surgery. Our doctors are passionate about providing the best possible treatment. Dr. Jennifer Hearne MD, DDS is an oral, Maxillofacial, and medical doctor on staff that provides a variety of surgical services such as:


Socket grafting


Facial Cosmetic Surgeries

IV sedation


Oral and facial biopsies

Cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Restylane

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Endodontics procedures are needed when the tooth has become cracked or has developed dental pulp. Our experts will treat any and all pain associated with these symptoms!


When performing endodontic procedures our priorities are to be thorough, efficient, and careful. To make our patients as comfortable as possible at our dental office, we are dedicated to putting the patient’s needs first. Root canals are the most common endodontic procedure performed here.

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Are you unhappy with your smile? Let the help of orthodontics give you that perfect smile that you have always wanted!

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Want to straighten your teeth in the most comfortable and discreet way? Invisalign lets you achieve the great smile you deserve!

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Ozon Treatment

ozone treatment dentistry

The oral cavity appears as an open ecosystem, with a dynamic balance between the entrance of microorganisms, colonization modalities, and host defenses aimed to their removal: To avoid elimination, bacteria need to adhere to either hard dental surfaces or epithelial surfaces. The oral biofilm formation and development, and the inside selection of specific microorganisms have been correlated with the most common oral pathologies, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, and peri-implantitis. The mechanical removal of the biofilm and adjunctive use of antibiotic disinfectants or various antibiotics have been the conventional methods for periodontal therapy. Ozone (O3) is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms, and its application in medicine and dentistry has been indicated for the treatment of 260 different pathologies. The ozone therapy has been more beneficial than present conventional therapeutic modalities that follow a minimally invasive and conservative application to dental treatment. The exposition of molecular mechanisms of ozone further benefits practical function in dentistry.

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Safe Mercury Removal

safe mercury removal dentistry

Safe Amalgam Removal in La Quinta

Dr. Karimyan is dedicated to providing patients with safe amalgam removal for silver fillings. To ensure the amalgam removal process does not compromise your oral and overall health, our practice follows the IAOMT guidelines. This includes providing oxygen supplements during removal, minimizing exposure to the mercury and mercury vapors, and replacing amalgam with natural looking, biocompatible material.

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Sleep Support- (Apnea)

sleep support apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing is disrupted during sleep. People with sleep apnea stop breathing for ten seconds or more, and this can occur hundreds of times nightly. Patients who visit miVIP Surgery Centers for a procedure like UPPP, Uvuloplasty or adenoid removal will not only sleep better, but also prevent serious health problems. Sleep apnea first became the subject of widespread attention and research about 30 years ago. Since then, treatment options have advanced significantly. Unfortunately, there are still a high number of people who suffer from the condition...

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