Mercury Fillings Safe Removal and Detox

What types of procedures are considered Mercury Fillings Safe Removal and Detox?

Safe Amalgam Removal in La Quinta

Dr. Karimyan is dedicated to providing patients with safe amalgam removal for silver fillings. To ensure the amalgam removal process does not compromise your oral and overall health, our practice follows the IAOMT guidelines. This includes providing oxygen supplements during removal, minimizing exposure to the mercury and mercury vapors, and replacing amalgam with natural looking, biocompatible material.

How are Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Prior to the procedure, patients are draped with sterile aprons and towels to minimize exposure to mercury. Additionally, rubber dams are placed on teeth to prevent any mercury dust or debris from being accidentally swallowed. After connecting the patient to an oxygen supply, Dr. Indah carefully cuts the amalgam fillings into large pieces. For improved patient comfort and to limit patient exposure to the residual mercury, heat, and gas that may be released during the removal procedure, Dr. Indah uses an electric hand piece. Once all of the amalgam fillings have been removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned of any mercury dust, a new biocompatible restoration is placed.


Mercury Fillings Safe Removal and Detox

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